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Releasing the talent, the motivation and the engagement of people have never been successful under dictatorial regimes where people are merely told what to do (IQ – TELL). During the last decade, the most successful leaders and coaches guided their people towards top performance using ASK before TELL, and EQ communication instead of IQ information. With a toolbox full of EQ coaching tools, we transform rational IQ Visions into inspirational EQ Ambitions, moving leaders and their teams into a leadership and cultural transformation.


Company Culture is highly influenced by the behavior of its Leaders: employees and teams are strongly impacted by the reactions of Leaders to critical situations, their exemplary, marks of recognition, feedback, trust etc. By changing the Leadership style, you change the culture of the company. Our coaches are expert at establishing an effective cultural transformation stimulated by a visible leadership evolution. On the way to a Winning culture, we first stimulate a Collaborative culture, bridging individuals, teams and departments across borders. Silos didn’t work well before. They have become impossible in the present world.

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